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Warrantech is more than just a service contract administrator — we are a complete extension of your brand. That means we can provide you with everything from extended service plans and warranty programs, training, reporting tools, 24/7 call-center support, marketing materials and several value-added extras that you may not have even considered.

With an unwavering focus on your company’s success, we go out of our way to deliver unparalleled service excellence in all that we do. Whether you’re a retailer, dealer, distributor, or manufacturer in the consumer or automotive market, Warrantech has a customized solution that will work specifically for you.

Glad I purchased. I feel confident my purchase will last a long time and if it breaks I can have it repaired and still use the camera.

Kenneth R.

Great. Signing up was quick and easy to do. Never felt like I was confused about anything that was said to me.


Very reasonable price.

D. Dunlap

Very good plan. Happy with all of the terms of the plan and with the value provided based on the cost. Thank you.

Arnie W.

This is one of the best [protection plans] out there to cover all possible problems that someone will encounter when using the camera.

Jeff M.

I just feel better knowing I have coverage.

C. Taber

Good to have. I feel better having the added protection.

William W.

All I can say is it is the best protection for the price.

Clarence D.

I bought this with the first tablet I bought my son. Had company over and a kid dropped his tablet and shattered the screen. In 2 weeks my son had a new tablet in his hands. Very good service!

Diana G.

Great customer service. I didn't get a chance to use their service since I returned the computer I purchased. I emailed them explaining that I did not need their service. Got an answer right away and a refund really fast. Will buy the product with the next computer I purchase. Keep up the great work. I'll be back.


I just wanted to send you a quick email saying how much I appreciate Warrantech's service, and all their customer service agents. I just got off the phone with Angelina, and she was the best. I love calling Warrantech. You guys are so professional, and the service I get is always A+++! I wish every other service provider, their agents and vendors were as thorough as Angelina and the Warrantech staff. Never, ever, have I complained about my Warrantech service. You guys rock! Keep up the good work. Make sure Angelina gets a gold star for the day. We may not have the most claims, but if and when we do have to call, the service is excellent! We appreciate all you do.


This is bringing me peace of mind.

Nelson B.

Very useful! Very glad I purchased this item! As soon as I received the laptop I ordered, it was damaged and I had to replace it, so this was great!

Shaina G.

Absolutely LOVE this plan - EASY to get the product fixed/replaced. Would highly recommed - price is CHEAP for the peace of mind. My son accidentally sat on the tablet and broke the glass - they replaced it quick and with no hassle. 

Ernest H.

I read the reviews, and I purchased. I felt better having it as other opposing [protection plans] weren't getting good reviews.


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