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Warrantech is more than just a service contract administrator — we are a complete extension of your brand. That means we can provide you with everything from extended service plans and warranty programs, training, reporting tools, 24/7 call-center support, marketing materials and several value-added extras that you may not have even considered.

With an unwavering focus on your company’s success, we go out of our way to deliver unparalleled service excellence in all that we do. Whether you’re a retailer, dealer, distributor, or manufacturer in the consumer or automotive market, Warrantech has a customized solution that will work specifically for you.

Very positive. 

Joseph W.

I had a problem, so I called the company. Within seconds I was talking to a representative, and he was both very friendly and extremely competent. It took only a couple of minutes to solve my problem  a rarity for me when I have to call customer service! So I'm very happy with this company and am glad I bought the warranty [extended service plan].

SF Drake

Great plan to sell for protection.

Gregory V.

Hi Shonta. Last Friday, I received a call from Joe at Northern Tool & Equipment. He thinks you are doing a fantastic job. Your timeliness and speed of response are appreciated by him. And I appreciate it as well. I wanted to say thank you for a job well done. Keep it up!

Breyonne M.

I feel at ease now knowing that I saved hundreds of $$ and have 4 years of protection vs. the 1-2 years I might have gotten if I had bought elsewhere.

Andrew H.

Great value. I purchased this coverage because the price was right. A 4 year extended [protection plan] for the price was a great thing to have.

John H.

Smart purchase. I have purchased extended [protection plans] from this company before for other products and have been happy with the service I received when I needed it. In the past I was hesitant to purchase extended [protection plans] on products, but when it's an item such as an expensive camera (or TV) I recommend this. Had this same protection plan on a TV and just before the [protection plan] expired, I had problems with the TV and when it could not be fixed they completely replaced the TV. Now that's service. I have complete confidence that they will stand behind the [protection plan] should I need assistance with my new camera. I highly recommend.

Deborah S.

I bought my son a watch for the holidays and wanted to make sure it had some protection with it and paid for a 2-Year Electronics Plan. Now I do not worry about it.

Norma P.

This is not only a must have, it is necessary!! This is also for your protection on whatever item you purchased. When you need it there is NO problem whatsoever!!

Patricia N.

I have to say, the lady I talked to was excellent. If all your employees are that great, that's wonderful. 

Marjorie K.

Excellent, informative and courteous service. 

David B.

Very helpful and fast at responding to my questions. 

Elizabeth M.

You made my fiancee very happy this holiday season. 

Michael K.

I'm believer in extended [protection plans] ... Worth the money!

Rene H.

I’m a satisfied customer and I’d like to give a “attaboy” to Michael M (technical service rep). He is very professional and he treated me very well. I’m a senior citizen and I certainly appreciate it. Thank you!

Ken H.

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