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Warrantech is more than just a service contract administrator — we are a complete extension of your brand. That means we can provide you with everything from extended service plans and warranty programs, training, reporting tools, 24/7 call-center support, marketing materials and several value-added extras that you may not have even considered.

With an unwavering focus on your company’s success, we go out of our way to deliver unparalleled service excellence in all that we do. Whether you’re a retailer, dealer, distributor, or manufacturer in the consumer or automotive market, Warrantech has a customized solution that will work specifically for you.

The price is not bad and I would tell anyone to get longer coverage if they can get it. 

James B.

I'm giving this 5 stars because it was easy to sign up, and a very reasonable price.

Cheryl L.

Best 20 bucks we ever spent. Must have if your tablet is purchased for a child. Had to use it three months after purchase. They issued us a full refund on a damaged tablet. 

Galina Z.

Wonderful experience purchasing my new car! I visited this office and the people and surroundings are great! This company is great for autos. Overall it was a positive experience and I would definitely recommend seeing AMT Warranty if you are looking to purchase a car.

Ralph P.

I always purchase a warranty [extended service plan] with electronics and have had a positive experience with this warranty [extended service plan] company prior. Looking forward to continued excellent service. 


Worth the money for your security, especially with this kind of investment. I look at it this way, if you are spending that kind of money better have it protected.

Harry M.

Great investment. You never know if you have an accident or if there was a factory flaw. Best to keep your investment covered!

BJ Blues

Very reasonable price.

D. Dunlap

Great plan and worth the money.

Kurtis D.

Excellent warranty [extended service plan] and customer service. 


Its affordable and works for me. Should take a look at this when you buy a new computer.


Accidents can happen and this provides me with some assurance.


My issues were promptly and courteously taken care of.

Lori D.

I have dealt with many warranty companies but AMT Warranty is the best by far! They always do an excellent job and have the nicest staff! I would definitely recommend them.


Thanks for a great product.

Rich B.

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