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Warrantech is more than just a service contract administrator — we are a complete extension of your brand. That means we can provide you with everything from extended service plans and warranty programs, training, reporting tools, 24/7 call-center support, marketing materials and several value-added extras that you may not have even considered.

With an unwavering focus on your company’s success, we go out of our way to deliver unparalleled service excellence in all that we do. Whether you’re a retailer, dealer, distributor, or manufacturer in the consumer or automotive market, Warrantech has a customized solution that will work specifically for you.

My sewing machine is protected!

Joyce A.

It is reassuring to know that if any problems occur with my purchase, it will be covered for 3 years. I think that reassurance in itself is worth the price.

Bruce B.

Loved the price. It gives me a sense of protection.

Chuck G.

This protection plan appears well worth the cost.

Benjamin B.

Good warranty [extended service plan]. I am happy with the service I received. 

Cary C.

I read the reviews, and I purchased. I felt better having it as other opposing [protection plans] weren't getting good reviews.


I am not a fan of these types of products due to previous experiences. So I was hemming and hawing about the offer of the protection plan. I decided to go with it as I know I am a klutz with techy stuff. So sure enough, I had the tablet less than a week and I dropped it. Cracked the shell and the glass. So I called the protection plan got a live person. She gave me simple instructions and had the tablet fixed in less than a week — good as new. So glad I purchased this!

Antoinette K.

Excellent company to deal with. I would not hesitate to do future business with them. 


I dreaded calling in for the [protection plan] on my tablet. I had gotten a lot of run around from previous companies and I was surprised at how painless this was. There were no 20 questions asked, the rep was kind, friendly and courteous and to say the least I was shocked and very happy at the end of the call. I would not hesitate to use this protection plan on any future products. 

Joni H.

Unfortunately the first camera had a minor problem, but the warranty [extended service plan] center responded in a great way. They walk you through the easy return process, explain each and everything that they will do, and ensure that you are satisfied along the way. 

Harry C.

Easy purchase, and responsive team in regard to questions.


Very good to deal with. Will buy from you guys again. 


Always a pleasure to work with. 

Mary B.

I purchased a coffee maker and was astonished that for less than $10 I could get an extended 2-year [protection plan]. It is reassuring to know that it is there — for two years! What a deal!


They are as good as they say. I had one product broken by accident. Filed a report. They decided to pay the full amount within a reasonable time. Got the check. 

Henry D.

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