Program Design/Implementation

To ensure that every client has an ESP program that works for them, Warrantech evaluates their current data, as well as existing industry data. We also take the time to evaluate product reliability to continually develop competitive rates.

  • Risk Analysis – Through client data and third-party testing, we evaluate the reliability of our clients’ products so we have an understanding of the frequency and severity of typical claims. We want to have an understanding of how the product performs so we can apply the most appropriate premium risk fee.
  • Warranty Program Design – Once we’ve completed our risk analysis, we evaluate the data so we can structure the ESP program in the most dynamic way. We design our rates and structure our terms and conditions based on our evaluation so we can provide the best customer service to consumers and make a profitable solution for our clients.
  • Business Processes – After the evaluation is complete, we work with our clients to streamline the day-to-day operation portion of the program. We consider the organizational structure of our clients' business to decide how the program will be implemented.
  • Administration and Set-Up – The administration of warranty programs is up to our clients, but if they chose to use Warrantech for their administration purposes, we will take the data we have collected to decide how the administration should be structured. Depending on our clients' choice, we can handle claims administration, call center operations and the servicing of products. We will help evaluate your program to ensure we’re providing you with the most desirable option.
  • Data and Systems Our up-to-date technology makes our call center operations and claims handling as streamlined and simple as possible.
  • Program Support Warrantech strives to support your business on every level. Our executive personnel are available to work with our clients as well as our 24/7 accessible call center staff. We provide Account Managers to assist you while you’re contemplating beginning a program with us and Program Managers to continually support your program operation through evaluation.

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