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This is a listing of courses and services that are currently being offered. Our commitment to providing world class VSCs and ancillary products is strongly enhanced by the experience of this retail sales training team. When you call on this group, you will immediately know you are talking to the right people.

  • Basic F&I Training 101

    The Warrantech course “Advanced Skills For Today’s Business Manager” was designed specifically to help finance managers maximize profits while maintaining high CSI in the F&I office. The class will teach finance personnel how their actions affect each member of the sales team and their families. We believe there are no practice laps in F&I and providing the new manager with the knowledge and the tools he will need to excel is crucial to his immediate success and to the success of the finance department.

    In this class, we will explore the following goals:

    • Understanding the key roles of your position as a finance manager
    • Learning the “12 Steps to the Finance Sale” system
    • Selling vehicle service contracts and ancillary products in a timely manner
    • Understanding consumer psychology
    • Learning advance objection handling techniques consistent with exemplary CSI
    • Asserting yourself as a management leader in the dealership

    This is a three-day course held at our Bedford, Texas corporate office. Managers will participate in rigorous class work and extensive role-playing exercises. An examination of each of the individual manager’s dealership numbers will be conducted and action plans developed to achieve new back-end profit objectives. Each manager will be expected to make a mock presentation to a customer in the finance office, which will be videotaped and evaluated by our instructors. A copy of each presentation will be provided to each participant for review once the manager has returned to his home dealership.

    Variations of this course have been made available to meet the needs of individual agents or dealership groups. When customization is requested, this training session can be conducted in the field as a regional session to be attended by multiple dealerships at one time. It has also been held for the managers of a dealer group at an individual dealership that was equipped to handle the necessary logistics in a more personal venue.

  • Telephone Skills

    This seminar is designed to lead the student through the entire customer-by-telephone contact process. Even with the increased reliance on the Internet to secure information, we believe the telephone call is often the first direct human contact with the automobile dealership. It is therefore crucial that this first opportunity to capture the customer is handled correctly and efficiently — not to complete a sales transaction but to create an appointment for a scheduled dealership visit.

    The course begins with a real-world examination of the true value of a customer’s telephone call to the dealership and an understanding of the purpose of the call from the perspective of the customer. We will show course attendees the corresponding investment a dealer makes in advertising dollars just to make the phone ring. Once this understanding has been created, we will begin to probe the value of scripts in all business transactions that utilize a telephone. The participants will learn to develop scripts as a road map to the proper conclusion of setting an appointment.

    Attendees will learn the following:

    • How to survive your customer’s elimination process
    • What to say to a customer when the target vehicle in unavailable
    • How to discuss financing options
    • Handling requests for trade-in value
    • Getting a name, a cell phone number and setting the appointment

    The class will finish with role-playing exercises highlighting the proper verbiage to be used to increase the likelihood of appointment setting. The seminar will increase the amount of appointments the attendees set by giving them confidence to both make and receive customer calls, and to make certain to ask for a specific appointment each time. This technique will also increase the likelihood of appointments that show and which ultimately lead to new and used car sales.

  • Basic New Car and Used Car Sales Training 101

    The basic sales course is designed to take a beginner or an experienced salesperson that would benefit from a training camp restart through a step-by-step presentation on how to sell vehicles to the general public. This course is taught from a needs awareness perspective, which focuses the salesperson’s attention to the true emotional desires of the customer instead of telling the customer what they should consider.

    Each salesperson will become well versed in both the why and how a customer works their way through the decision-making process. This course will include everything from goal setting to prospecting and how to professionally assist customers once they arrive at the dealership. Included in the course are carefully crafted scripts designed to help the salesperson through the sometimes awkward initial meeting. As rapport is built, this initial encounter can now be used as a map for the remainder of the 12-step sales process.

    Special attention is allocated to the handling of a customer’s trade. By the end of the course, each attendee will be able to confidently handle the trade-in and fully understand how to use the trade-in as a positive by allowing the customer to feel as if they have successfully negotiated a winning trade-in value, which allows them to say yes.

    Other topics will include:

    • An interactive trade walk-around with the salesperson and the customer
    • Handling objections
    • Interaction with F&I
    • How to effectively handle a T.O.
    • Generating repeat and referral business

    The class will also cover the modern environment of the industry, teaching how to sell against Internet pricing and low-ball payments from other salespeople. This presentation will show how proper actions promote gross profit and sales volume. However, every aspect of the course stresses CSI to be the most important function in the overall sales process.

  • Goal Setting and Achievement

    This course was designed for salespeople and management who are interested in learning how to develop long-term strategic career planning. At the core of the curriculum is the Stephen Covey business bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. Utilizing Habit #1, participants will “begin with the end in mind,” which directs them to focus on the outcome each student would like to achieve. Then, by working backward and moving toward the starting point, they can more efficiently realize their goals.

    This program will stress that the difference between a goal and a dream is the ability to conceive a logical game plan to reach the desired goal. We will explore both long-term and short-term goal development, while dealing with the concept of SMART goals. By the end of this program, the salesperson will have a strong working knowledge of goal setting and will be able to develop the necessary road map in order to achieve their goal, whether it is daily, monthly or lifelong career oriented. We will also deal with the positive and negative effects to a salesperson’s family and career when they reach or do not reach their stated goals.

  • How to Conduct Meetings People Want to Attend

    This course has been specifically designed to enhance your ability to conceive, construct and conduct effective and efficient meetings. Effectively mastering this skill allows you to ultimately hold fewer meetings and to hold a better quality meeting. You will learn to develop the skills necessary to be a great facilitator by managing a business discussion and encouraging others to participate.

    Training focus will include:

    • Identification of topic, purpose and desired outcome
    • Developing an agenda
    • Maintaining focus and keeping the meeting moving at a comfortable pace
    • Making proper course adjustments when meetings wander off path
    • Story boarding
    • Developing transcription minutes of the meeting that accurately represent key points to review

    For those seeking an expanded session, available segments include all aspects of developing departmental teamwork. This exercise incorporates role-playing scenarios custom tailored to your company’s culture and goals, and helps develop internal synergy through positive encouragement and motivation.

  • In-Dealership Development

    There are times when no skills training course alone can bring about retail sales development at the dealership level. For those dealers who believe an installation of new policies and procedures is in the best interest of the store, we now offer our training team to assist with implementation changes. As the accompanying biographies document, our team brings decades of real world in-store retail experience which is crucial to the effective creation, construction and installation of new ideas.

    New Car Sales

    • 12 Steps of the Sales Process
    • Handling Objections
    • Interacting with F&I
    • Leasing Strategies
    • Proper Delivery Techniques
    • Prospecting and Customer Development
    • CSI

    Used Car Sales

    • 12 Steps of the Sales Process
    • Handling Objections
    • Secondary Market Financing
    • Selecting Your Inventory
    • Prospecting and Customer Development
    • Ad Call Phone Skills

    Selling Vehicle Service Contracts Off The Service Drive

    • Understanding Your Role as a Salesperson
    • Developing a Long-Term Maintenance Relationship
    • Incorporating the Service Department into the Delivery Process
    • VSC Sales
    • Prospecting and Customer Development
    • Asking for Referrals
  • Leadership Development

    The natural state of the universe is chaos. Energy must be introduced to instill order. In a car dealership, leadership is that energy. In this course, managers will learn the skills necessary to teach salesmen not only what to do but, more importantly, make them want to do it — whether they are being watched or not. Leadership is the most important part of any management responsibility. General George Patton said “leadership is a sacred trust and anyone who betrays it is the lowest form of life.

    In The Bass Handbook of Leadership, Bernard Bass states “the ability to lead comes from one of three sources. You are born with it, you are in a situation where events leave no choice but to lead or you learn it.” We believe most leadership skills are learned. Rather than wait for a natural leader, this course is designed to train your management team to become effective leaders and to maximize the potential with your existing staff in both sales and F&I production.

  • Psychology of the Sale

    The Psychology of the Sale course was designed to examine why customers act, say and do the things they do while in a dealership. Although the course identifies four specific personality types, the overall consensus is that we are all more alike than different. This consensus allows us to explore and develop certain economies of scale in terms of dealing with each customer type.

    There will be a focus on the customer’s body language. Just as perfecting the identification of non-verbal communication helps the gambler evaluate his table opponents, knowledge of these “tells” can help a salesperson or finance producer gauge their customer’s reaction to a sales presentation. 

    You will learn about paradigms and how they affect the customer’s perception of a dealership’s business practices. You will understand how paradigms work and learn what drives your customer’s decision-making processes. These observations show us not only how but when to attempt to adjust the paradigm — in other words, when to close. We will also examine the basic differences between a statement, a question and an objection and how to effectively handle each of those situations.

  • Expanding Internet Sales Opportunities 

    As we move further into the 21st century and employ all of what technology has to offer, this course becomes more significant each day. The Internet does not create new sales opportunities but it does redefine the source of sales opportunities at the dealership level. This course is designed to understand this shift, retool internal policies and procedures necessary to capture this business and in some cases, to restaff as the reality of cyber selling becomes more of a daily occurrence. One thing is for certain, the Internet is not going away.

    Participants can expect to examine best practices from across the country and incorporate those ideas that make sense for their individual dealerships.

    Some of the topics to be discussed during this seminar include:

    • Business Development Centers (BDC) vs. leads handled by salespeople
    • Effective CRM tools
    • Auto responder templates
    • Email structure
    • Working within the confines of local, state and national Do Not Call registries
    • Handling “just send me your best price” requests
    • Website development
    • Professional telemarketers vs. trained salespeople
    • Pay plans
    • F&I Directors School

    This program starts where our popular “Advanced Skills For Today’s Business Manager” class leaves off. The class begins with a review of the advanced class, however with more of a view toward managing the systems rather than operating the systems.

    Some of the finance management topics to be discussed include:

    • Lender relations
    • Deal structure
    • Rehashing turn downs and qualifications
    • Managing producers
    • Conducting a contracts-in-transit meeting
    • Save a deal meetings
    • Managing the F&I information overload
    • Goal setting and tracking
    • Taking effective turns
    • Overcoming objections
    • Closing
    • Conducting sales meetings

    The class participant should be able to control all of these functions and maintain a level of gross profit and CSI. The seminar will consist of lecture, class participation, role play and advanced homework.

  • Custom Partner Programs

    In many cases, our training team’s most unique and capable offerings have been the result of being contacted by an individual or group with a specific need. Together we then orchestrate the development of a customized approach to solve the problem or to provide a needed service. We have accomplished this for a variety of OEMs, national chains, dealer groups and independent agents.

    If the “off the shelf” solution just doesn’t make sense for your needs, let us know. We will meet together, come to understand what you want to accomplish, develop a solution and work as completely as necessary to achieve a successful implementation.

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