From accessible customer service representatives to customized marketing materials to engaging sales training, we know you’ll benefit from our additional services. Warrantech provides you with:

  • Direct Marketing – Learn about our direct to consumer marketing and how it can increase your ESP sales.
  • Call Center – Warrantech operates a call center with highly trained and qualified individuals who interact and assist customers with repairs, replacements and questions about their plans.
  • Customer Care Solutions – Learn how Warrantech can provide you with customer care solutions that assist in making the process of handling a claim as seamless as possible.
  • Program Design & Implementation – To ensure that every client has an ESP program that works for them, Warrantech evaluates their current data, as well as existing industry data. We also take the time to evaluate product reliability to continually develop competitive rates.
  • Training & Development – Our services don’t end after we develop your warranty or ESP program. We continually work with our clients to provide training, customized marketing materials and a variety of other support services.
  • Business Intelligence & Data Mining – We constantly evaluate your program’s success to make sure we’re providing you with all of the services you need.

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