Partner FAQs

Q. What size of business can you accommodate?
A. We typically serve businesses that generate more than $10 million annually in consumer and commercial goods sales.

Q. What is the process of finding out if my business is a fit?
A. Just give us a call and we will be happy to set up a brief phone meeting with you to discuss your options. You can also view our Program Design and Implementation section to see the steps we take to evaluate your current business and structure your program.

Q. What type of products does Warrantech offer?
A. We offer service plans for automotive and consumer products. Visit our Products page to learn more about the offerings that best fit your company.

Q. What if I don’t want the hassle of administrating a warranty program?
A. You don’t have to. Warrantech can handle all aspects of a warranty program, including the underwriting and administration, but that choice is up to you. Our modular approach to ESPs allows you to choose a bundled or unbundled program. Warrantech also offers the RepairMaster™ card program, which is easy to administer and sell to consumers.

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