VSCOnline is a state-of-the-art internet-based vehicle service contract and claims management program. Click here to go to VSCOnline.

VSCOnline provides fast and accurate contract issuance. When utilizing VSCOnline, dealers and/or representatives can register customers’ vehicle service contracts immediately. All contracts are accurately rated using the vehicle identification number and vehicle mileage. Registration pages can be printed directly from VSCOnline (by request), ensuring coverage accuracy for the customer. The registration pages should then be attached to the vehicle service contract booklets and given to the customer upon issuance.

VSCOnline also provides the perfect reporting method for the vehicle service contracts issued. Transmittals are produced directly from VSCOnline, selected contracts are batched, each contract in the batch is listed, and the total amount for the batch is calculated automatically. The transmittal and payment can then be forwarded to the Administrator. When issuing registration pages through VSCOnline, there is no need to submit a copy as the registration page is registered immediately (this does not apply when pre-printed field issued forms are utilized).

In addition, VSCOnline can be used to file claims and access contract and claims information.

Benefits of VSCOnline:

  • Register Contracts – Documents will be virtually error-free with our VIN Decoder, along with quick and easy confirmation of rating and eligibility.
  • Identify Errors – Receive system messages when incorrect information is entered.
  • Create Transmittals – Totals generated for easy processing. No more handwritten paperwork.
  • Contract Search – With a wide variety of search parameters, you can look up a contract on VSCOnline for verification.
  • Run Reports – For convenience, you can run error reports and account statements.
  • Register Claims – Registering claims from the service department has become as simple as pressing a button. Claims can be registered and received instantly, virtually eliminating telephone interaction.
  • Claims Inquiry – Look up claims, past and present, knowing immediately where the claim stands, and when payment was made and for how much.

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