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Take the worry out of protecting your investment. Warrantech offers both extended service plans and vehicle service contracts to provide additional coverage once the original manufacturer’s warranty runs out. Not only does this provide you with less uncertainty, it allows you to get more enjoyment out of your purchases and keep them operating at their very best.

I want to compliment Francisco on what a great job he did on helping me get service on my refrigerator. Please make sure that he is recognized for his efforts.

Mr. Hendrix.

Excellent service plan. Don’t expect any issues from the very well made headphones. Thinking of getting another pair and another [protection plan].

John N.

Great decision. You will be safe with a small amount of investment.

Tom for saving

Nice people to deal with. Check them out. 

Ronald D.

Good for the price. It's always worth the investment, no matter what it is ... Always buy a protection plan, even if you never use it.

Paul T.

The customer service representative was wonderfully helpful. 

Barbara B.

The price was far more competitive than those sold at Best Buy and worth taking a little headache out of my life!


The last computer I bought died after 2 years. I did not have an extended [protection plan] and it has been a nightmare getting it repaired. I highly recommend the [protection plan]. If something does go wrong on the computer, the [protection plan] is much less expensive than repair costs without it.


I'm believer in extended [protection plans] ... Worth the money!

Rene H.

I'm very impressed, a great deal! Thanks for a no-hassle experience.

Lucille H.

Best plan for anyone buying a high quality product. 

Carlos M.

A little extended coverage is always good on electronic items.

Barbara L

Loved the price. It gives me a sense of protection.

Chuck G.

Olivia went above and beyond by not only calling me back, but by being patient and empathetic and solving my issue. I work in customer service as a regional manager and oftentimes receive poor service. So I wanted to take a moment and recognize Olivia for her outstanding service. She has completed her job, and done it very well.

Leah H.

This was added to our special needs son's tablet he received for Christmas. He advised me the screen was cracked and a chunk of glass was missing. I went to the website, filed a claim, and the next day I received an email with a prepaid shipping label. Three days later, I got an email letting me know it was received, four days later I was advised via email I would be receiving a check for the full price of the tablet. Best $25 I have spent. 

W. Schuler

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