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Take the worry out of protecting your investment. Warrantech offers both extended service plans and vehicle service contracts to provide additional coverage once the original manufacturer’s warranty runs out. Not only does this provide you with less uncertainty, it allows you to get more enjoyment out of your purchases and keep them operating at their very best.

This is an excellent protection plan and well worth the investment. 


Thanks for a great product.

Rich B.

I had this same warranty [extended service plan] with my last tablet and they are terrific. I would tell everyone to get this for their tablets. 

J Byrd

So happy with this purchase! I bought this because I bought a tablet for my little 3 year old brother. As we all know, they aren't the most careful and responsible at that age. I called and told them about the issue I had, I think he dropped it or stepped on it. Screen was black in the corner. If any of u have ever dropped your cell, u know what I mean. Anyway, after spending less than 10 minutes on the phone, I was issued a cashback and a claim number. How much easier could it get? Definitely worth the money! A+++++ company! I definitely recommend them.   


I shopped around and found this to be the best-cost/most-reputable option.

John K.

Worth the money for your security, especially with this kind of investment. I look at it this way, if you are spending that kind of money better have it protected.

Harry M.

Excellent, professional, courteous, friendly service.  

Joe M.

This is one of the best [protection plans] out there to cover all possible problems that someone will encounter when using the camera.

Jeff M.

Good deal.


I always buy the protection, rather be safe than sorry.

Debra D.

Great plan and worth the money.

Kurtis D.

I don't always buy extra protection plans but in this situation it is well worth it and very affordable. It pays to read all plans and decide for yourself, but I would say this is a very good one.


Excellent customer service. 

Henry P.

I purchased the protection plan when I purchased a desktop for my wife. In the past, I have not and it never fails ... something goes haywire right after the short warranty and it's either a hefty repair bill or buy another computer. Time will tell on the new desktop, but for the price of the protection plan I feel it is worth the investment vs. buying another new computer.

Pete P.

Great plan. I like the service that it provides. The price was great also. 

Val P.

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