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Take the worry out of protecting your investment. Warrantech offers both extended service plans and vehicle service contracts to provide additional coverage once the original manufacturer’s warranty runs out. Not only does this provide you with less uncertainty, it allows you to get more enjoyment out of your purchases and keep them operating at their very best.

I always purchase a warranty [extended service plan] with electronics and have had a positive experience with this warranty [extended service plan] company prior. Looking forward to continued excellent service. 


Always a pleasure to work with. 

Mary B.

Total satisfaction! Excellent service! Very pleased! Highly recommended! 

Daniel U.

This is SOOOO worth the cost. I have used their service before and it is a great experience working with Warrantech. Very nice, courteous people who go out of their way to help. 


Love the price and the contents of what this [protection plan] covers.


If you buy something that is over 500 dollars and breakable you'll thank yourself for having this.


I'm very impressed, a great deal! Thanks for a no-hassle experience.

Lucille H.

Great to deal with!

Robert P.

Came quickly, I felt good about having the 4 year protection for my purchase. I would recommend this to others.


Seems like a good value for the price and coverage term.

David M.

Tablet broke and policy paid for a new tablet. A+ in my book. No questions asked, sent the tablet to them and they cut me a check. 


Great plan to sell for protection.

Gregory V.

Wonderful to do business with you!


I had the pleasure of speaking with Adonnicka E. She answered the phone so pleasantly, and from that moment on, she was nothing short of wonderful to me for about 45 minutes. She went out of her way to see if she could help me with my situation, and the two times that she reached a point where she needed to check with her supervisor, she came back to me both times with good news for me. So, she went that “extra mile” to see if my issue could have a positive outcome for me – as did her supervisor. She even gave me her email address (the amtrustgroup.com email) so that I could send her a photo of my invoice. She stayed on the line with me and made sure that the photo could be seen clearly. From “hello” to “have a nice rest of your day,” she was kind, friendly, concerned and stayed with me for almost one hour — never once giving me the feeling that she was on a time limit and needed to move-on to the next customer. I consider myself so fortunate to have been one of the lucky customers to have her help. She is the example of what customer service is to those of us who hope to get the help we need. Whoever hired Adonnicka made a wonderful choice — the right person was placed in the right position, and I thank that person, too!

Cynthia I.

You never know what can happen. It is always good to have that peace of mind. Great product, highly suggested.

Michael R.

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