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Making You Happy Makes Us Happy

Take the worry out of protecting your investment. Warrantech offers both extended service plans and vehicle service contracts to provide additional coverage once the original manufacturer’s warranty runs out. Not only does this provide you with less uncertainty, it allows you to get more enjoyment out of your purchases and keep them operating at their very best.

I don't buy any electronic devices without adding extra protection. It is well worth it if it saves just one device. Great deal.

Gary P.

Fantastic experience!

David M.

A great value for a small price. You will love yourself for having purchased it should your appliance ever fail.

Javier G.

Excellent, professional, courteous, friendly service.  

Joe M.

You provide a great service. Thanks!!!

Steven S.

I feel good about having it. Would recommend it for good all-around protection.


Great. Signing up was quick and easy to do. Never felt like I was confused about anything that was said to me.


The registration was super simple.

Blaine M.

Great plan. I like the service that it provides. The price was great also. 

Val P.

Excellent service plan. Don’t expect any issues from the very well made headphones. Thinking of getting another pair and another [protection plan].

John N.

Computers are very expensive and I have an 8 year old granddaughter that likes to use mine. She is very careful but you never know.

Vicki W.

I am writing to let you know how grateful and thankful I am for the wonderful, professional, friendly, helpful, polite, and considerate customer service I received today from your representatives, Ricardo and Renaudia. They were fantastic listeners and were able to understand my problems with my appliance. I used to work in customer service and I know from experience how upset customers can get. I appreciated when people would put in a "good word" for me. Well, I want to put in a "good word" for Ricardo and Renaudia to let you, and them, know how much I appreciate their help. They have excellent listening skills and were able to understand my problems immediately. They deserve my praises and I am so very happy with the resolution. I feel a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders and it is because of them.

Natalie M.

We felt secure in our purchase.

Mary A.

Peace of mind is everything. I almost always get extra protection for my electronics. Keeps the nerves at ease and happy.

car junky

A must have. When I purchase an electronics product, I always purchase the [protection plan]. This is a gift for my son and daughter in law.

Jeane E.

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