Dos and Don’ts — A Warrantech Customer’s Perspective

By: Jeff Hatch

January 15, 2016

The following advice comes from a Warrantech customer who purchased an extended service plan for a tablet. All claims are handled differently – depending on product, problem and usage – but hopefully this provides you with some insight as to what to expect and how you can be prepared in the event that you need to file a claim.

I had to use this extended service plan on a previous tablet I bought – all went smooth. After it broke I made a claim, got a prepaid label, mailed the broken one in, and they sent me a check in the mail to cover what I paid for it. I've bought it again for another tablet I got my daughter. Hopefully this one won't break, but you never know with kids.

Had to use them again [for another electronic device], same as above – no complaints, way cheaper than buying insurance from your phone carrier.

Couple words of advice as to why some may run into issues:

1) Make sure you buy this extended service plan within 90 days of your tablet purchase.
2) Hold on to the receipt and original packaging (if it was bought online it’s much easier to do).
3) Register your extended service plan as soon as possible.

I've always done this with these items, so when it came time for a claim it's a matter of answering a few questions and then you get your shipping label and send it off. I've yet to have them actually repair/replace a $0-200 price range tablet; they have always sent me the replacement cost in a check.

Last comment – be sure to read what you are purchasing. Some plans are only extended warranties, some include accidental protection. Also, be sure to buy the right policy to match your tablet’s retail value. Don't buy a $0-200 plan if you have a $500 tablet.

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