Customer Testimonials

This 3 year plan is great, just never know when something will go wrong with your electronics. Keeps me warm and fuzzy feeling.

Yummy’s Tiger78

I bought this [protection plan] for a camera and I love it so far. It was super easy to set up and manage.


You can't get better sellers than these folks. These are good people to do business with and they are trustworthy. 


This was added to our special needs son's tablet he received for Christmas. He advised me the screen was cracked and a chunk of glass was missing. I went to the website, filed a claim, and the next day I received an email with a prepaid shipping label. Three days later, I got an email letting me know it was received, four days later I was advised via email I would be receiving a check for the full price of the tablet. Best $25 I have spent. 

W. Schuler

Good to have. I feel better having the added protection.

William W.

Worry free for 4 years.

William V.

Good plan. Very glad I have it.

William S.

They are the best!

William C.

Considering the cost, I can't understand why anyone would spend several hundred dollars on a camera and not buy a [protection plan]. 


Came in handy. Used for a 27 inch monitor. It actually came with a crack in the screen. Got a full replacement using the protection plan.


I think Warrantech did a fantastic job in honoring my [protection plan]. They responded quickly, offered to send someone out the next day, & quickly resolved the problem. Their offer was exactly as they had promised, i.e. to replace my TV with a comparable model. I really couldn't be happier which is why I purchased another 3 year [protection plan] from them for my new Sony. I personally give Warrantech an A+!

Vincent V.

This is a great [protection plan], only cost me 28.00. My desktop is covered 100%. It doesn't get any better than that.


Computers are very expensive and I have an 8 year old granddaughter that likes to use mine. She is very careful but you never know.

Vicki W.

Great plan. I like the service that it provides. The price was great also. 

Val P.

Not very expensive and worth it. 

Valerie B.

I am sending this in regard to Angelina. She was very pleasant to work with along with being very knowledgeable. When I happened to call on Friday, she really only had 8 minutes left in her work shift. She not only helped me with two issues, but also gave me advice on a customer we have who needed clarification on service. Needless to say, we were not done within the 8 minutes remaining on her shift, but she wanted to complete the repair orders prior to leaving. She also gave me some excellent information on what WT advises for customers with covered and non-covered issues. She was a pleasure to work with; I give the most upward compliments to her and your company.

Tracy F.

Always get the extended warranty [extended service plan].

Topher B.

I really appreciate the value and confidence associated with this electronic plan! This provides assurances should any issues arise. I feel comfortable knowing it's there should I need it.

Tonya K.

Good warranty [extended service plan] for a great price!

Tonie O.

This was easy to setup online and worth the small price. I would use this product for future electronics purchases.


Great decision. You will be safe with a small amount of investment.

Tom for saving

I would buy it again if I bought any high end electronic device because of the protection this plan provides for the low cost.

Tim P.

Easy to activate ... the peace of mind for this price was well worth it. 

Tim F.

For good protection, this is a must have for peace of mind and well worth the cost of getting a guitar.

Thomas P.

This is the thing to buy when you purchase a new computer or another electrical product. I made a very good choice.

Thomas D.

I felt it to be a wise investment.


If you buy a tablet or any other electronic device, I suggest you get the [protection plan] to protect your investment. 

Theresa M.

Great value! I've always gotten back the full purchase price when I've had a failure of a big ticket item. If you're spending more than 200 dollars, a [protection plan] is always a good idea. This company has a "no fault" plan, so it's even better than the ones I've bought in the past. My sister has had similar [protection plans] for her phones, and it has always paid off. Even if you never use it, you'll always have peace-of-mind should something happen. In my book, it's a must! 

Terryll R.

Great. Signing up was quick and easy to do. Never felt like I was confused about anything that was said to me.


Excellent customer service. 


This product is a MUST-have!! It was extremely easy to register, and very affordable!! If I had bought this with the first tablet I bought, I wouldn't have had to buy a second one when my husband dropped mine!! lol. 

Tammy M.

So glad this warranty plan [protection plan] was reasonably priced. Too large of an investment in my treadmill to not protect it.

Suzie V.

Great value!

Suzanne C.

I am 74 years old and I had problems figuring out how to register my 2-Year Fitness Plan. It was totally my fault. When I called for help, the woman I spoke with (Candace) was so kind and patient with me. I could not be happier with the service I received. 

Susan L.

They were very helpful and responded immediately to my needs!

Susan E.

You provide a great service. Thanks!!!

Steven S.

Get protected! Very smart!

Steven R.

This is a good idea. It goes into effect after the original one expires.

Stephen W.

This saved my backside when my son dropped his tablet and smashed the screen to pieces. Easy company to deal with and they did what was needed. 

Stephen G.

Had to file a claim on a washer that was two and a half years old on a five year [protection plan]. The repair service they submitted came and evaluated the problem and chose not to repair but to give me back credit from where I purchased the unit and I had a new replacement on order when less than a week. You couldn't ask them to do anything else. I purchased another policy on the new unit as well.

Stephen C.

This is a great buy and comfort to have on a computer. I would recommend it to everyone that has a need.

Stanna W.

I've used it and they have replaced my items, no questions asked. 

S. Scolari

A really great deal. I love having this accidental protection plan. It was so much more expensive on the other site I looked at.


This is protection you must get when you buy electronics. They are very responsible, I highly recommend. 

Soni I.

Great customer service! Responded quickly and provided a prompt refund. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 


Well worth getting this plan. Ordered a tablet PC which was accidentally knocked on the floor and the screen was cracked. Plan covered it and the item was replaced with a new one.


I felt the price for this [protection plan] was very reasonable compared to other plans providing the same protection.


Excellent price and the length of the [protection plan] gives me peace of mind and makes the purchase secure. Feel like I made a smart choice and reasonable backup.


Awesome and reasonable price. When you purchase any electronics, you should get a protection plan. Would not have it any other way.

Shirley B.

My product didn't work, so I called and a real person answered, not a recording. Very courteous and mailed another one immediately. No complaints from me! Very satisfied, would highly recommend. 


Very useful! Very glad I purchased this item! As soon as I received the laptop I ordered, it was damaged and I had to replace it, so this was great!

Shaina G.

I had a problem, so I called the company. Within seconds I was talking to a representative, and he was both very friendly and extremely competent. It took only a couple of minutes to solve my problem  a rarity for me when I have to call customer service! So I'm very happy with this company and am glad I bought the warranty [extended service plan].

SF Drake

I was very satisfied with the excellent service!

Sean C.

I usually don't subscribe to aftermarket [protection plans], but in the case of new tech items I make exceptions. With the price of tech stuff ever increasing, and the cost to repair it's a smart choice.

Scott G.

Wish I had this when I dropped my first camera.

Sandra H.

I always buy the protection plans, but after spending SO much money on a new camera this was without a doubt being added onto my bill. Totally worth it!

Sam S.

No complaints! The service was great and I am completely satisfied. 

Safiya W.

I bought my tablet and dropped it, cracking the screen and rendering it useless. So I sent it to them — they supply the shipping label — got confirmation in a few days, then was notified they could not fix it, so I was sent a brand new one at no extra cost. This is the best insurance [exentended service plan] for devices in my opinion that you could buy. 


Signed up online. I have used this warranty service [extended service plan] on other cameras and they came through very fast and I feel very good and not afraid to use this service again. Thanks for being there for me. 


I will definitely buy from these guys again. 

Rozlyn W.

Added protection sometimes is a must! It gives you some comfort knowing you have a [protection plan].

Roy L.

So affordable that it was worth the money for the extra protection.

Roxann J.

I learned the hard way. Cement and tablets don't work! Smashed my old tablet in the parking lot, so this purchase is most excellent. 

Roux B.

Excellent and timely service. 

Rosa L.

Service was outstanding in getting a replacement to us and supplying the necessities to return the broken item. It's good to know they are there when you need them!!!

Ron T.

This company is great for autos. Their coverage is extensive to the point where it is identical to any manufacturer’s new car warranty. Highly recommended as I’ve already had 5 contracts from Warrantech with 5 different autos, all bought from different dealerships. They pay and they pay well. I always go to the dealer for work, never outside mechanics.

Ronny E.

The service people I spoke with during my sign-up were all just awesome and if we get service like that I will have no trouble.

Ronald M.

Nice people to deal with. Check them out. 

Ronald D.

I just want to sincerely thank you for everything you did in helping me out. You were a tremendous help. Yesterday, I went to BrandsMart and got my new TV. It is absolutely amazing and I bought 3 years of protection on top. I hope you have a tremendous week and best of luck to you the rest of the year!

Roland H.

Peace of mind for a good price. Gave this "Protection Plan" as a gift along with a camera to my nephew at Christmas.

Roger B.

Excellent protection. I have broken some of my cameras and regret it. But now I don't have to worry about it. Would recommend it.

Rodney B.

It is a must have. My camera dropped and it was fixed in a week. Great plan.


Thanks so much for your help! You deserve the gold medal!

Robin L.

Great to deal with!

Robert P.

Great offer. The best policy for the money.

Robert A.

Warrantech provides the best extended [protection plans]. I have purchased several [protection plans] for my vehicles and they have excellent plans, which are very beneficial for me and save me a lot of money. If you want to stay stress-free from unexpected compensation or enjoy peace of mind, then you should go to Warrantech for an extended [protection plans] for your vehicle.


Tablet broke and policy paid for a new tablet. A+ in my book. No questions asked, sent the tablet to them and they cut me a check. 


My tablet screen cracked so I was overjoyed that I had purchased the accidental protection. They verified my information promptly and my claim went through fast and smoothly. Don't think twice, make this purchase. 

R.L. Archie

Best protection plan ever!

RJ Mitchell

Very prompt service and exceeded expectations! 

Rick G.

Both Sharonda B and Janeshia R deserve recognition for their prompt, courteous customer relations. They are a great asset to your company and should be highly commended for their “customer first” attitude and their diligence. It is service like that that will make me want to have [protection plans] in the future. Thanks for having them on your staff.

Rick B.

Friendly, helpful staff. 

Rich P.

Thanks for a great product.

Rich B.

I feel a lot more comfortable with added protection in case of product malfunction.

Richard L.

Great security item to purchase when you are purchasing electronic or camera items that are of high value. Would "highly" recommend this to my friends and family, as it is a must have item for items of great value. 


Great value. You won't beat this deal on a camera [protection plan].


Customer service is wonderful. They are very patient and explain things in an easy to understand way.

Revilo G.

I'm believer in extended [protection plans] ... Worth the money!

Rene H.

Good product, good business. 

Randy S.

This is a must have. I bought a Nikon D3200 for my daughter who has three small girls and a husband that can't seem to keep his phone out of harm’s way. I know it will get busted with in the four years and this will come to the rescue.

Randall R.

This is SOOOO worth the cost. I have used their service before and it is a great experience working with Warrantech. Very nice, courteous people who go out of their way to help. 


Wonderful experience purchasing my new car! I visited this office and the people and surroundings are great! This company is great for autos. Overall it was a positive experience and I would definitely recommend seeing AMT Warranty if you are looking to purchase a car.

Ralph P.

The satisfaction of knowing that my [protection plan] on my new desk top computer covers me for 4 years gives me peace of mind.


This is my second warranty [extended service plan] from Warrantech after having to make a claim on a dishwasher. I received the dishwasher as a gift from my parents and they forgot to register the service plan. Even though that caused a bit of an issue, Warrantech was SO helpful in getting the plan registered and a claim submitted. Just days later, I was refunded and able to repurchase. Love this company!

Rachel R.

The [protection plan] is well worth the price because trying to get it repaired and pay for it would prove to be quite it and have no worries for a few years.

Postal Gyrl

I recommend that people buy an extended [protection plan] such as this in case their electronics fail in a short time.


I would just like to let you know what an outstanding employee you have in Olivia G., who recently assisted me on a [protection plan] claim. Not only was she polite and helpful — which I'd expect from any service employee — but she was extremely proactive in solving my problem, and reached out to me to ensure that I knew she hadn't forgotten about me. Hard to find superior service anywhere anymore, but Olivia stood out with the right attitude and approach to helping customers. She's a star in my view. Please pass along my thanks and high praise to her.

Pete T.

I purchased the protection plan when I purchased a desktop for my wife. In the past, I have not and it never fails ... something goes haywire right after the short warranty and it's either a hefty repair bill or buy another computer. Time will tell on the new desktop, but for the price of the protection plan I feel it is worth the investment vs. buying another new computer.

Pete P.

My call was answered almost immediately and my questions about the plan were answered courteously. If the coverage is as a good as the service it is a winner.


These [protection plans] are worth the money.

P. Donerson

Good for the price. It's always worth the investment, no matter what it is ... Always buy a protection plan, even if you never use it.

Paul T.

Great. What is there not to love?

Paul L.

This was probably the easiest registration I have ever done!

Paulette B.

This is an excellent protection plan and well worth the investment. 


Warrantech went above and beyond to take care of me  very professional. Would recommend Warrantech to cover your electronic device.   

Patrick M.

This is not only a must have, it is necessary!! This is also for your protection on whatever item you purchased. When you need it there is NO problem whatsoever!!

Patricia N.

Good to have. Very easy to register.

Patricia M.

I'm glad I was able to purchase this [protection plan].

Patricia M.

This protection plan goes hand in hand with any electronics that you purchase. Brilliant product that you definitely need.


Exceptionally good customer service. 

Octavio B.

It’s nice knowing I have it.

Nurse S.

A million thank you’s. I truly appreciate you taking the time to speak with me and for being so patient. With all of the help and information that Robert R. provided me with, it should be smooth sailing for me, my wife and daughter. And if there is ever a bump in the road, I will not hesitate to call for help … I’m sure the next support person I work with will be just as good.

Norvin J.

I bought my son a watch for the holidays and wanted to make sure it had some protection with it and paid for a 2-Year Electronics Plan. Now I do not worry about it.

Norma P.

I think it a good buy. Smart protection.


I was thrilled with their service. 

Nilsa M.

Excellent customer service. 

Nicole T.

Awesome plan for the price and it covers everything so no worries! I recommend this to anyone who is going to spend some money on a PC!


Good deal.


For only $10 we were able to cover the purchase of our new wireless speakers for our church. Not bad at all.

New Life Baptist Church

This is bringing me peace of mind.

Nelson B.

I am writing to let you know how grateful and thankful I am for the wonderful, professional, friendly, helpful, polite, and considerate customer service I received today from your representatives, Ricardo and Renaudia. They were fantastic listeners and were able to understand my problems with my appliance. I used to work in customer service and I know from experience how upset customers can get. I appreciated when people would put in a "good word" for me. Well, I want to put in a "good word" for Ricardo and Renaudia to let you, and them, know how much I appreciate their help. They have excellent listening skills and were able to understand my problems immediately. They deserve my praises and I am so very happy with the resolution. I feel a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders and it is because of them.

Natalie M.

Responded in a fast and courteous way. Refund was fast too. Excellent business.


It's an inexpensive way to have peace of mind.


I purchased a coffee maker and was astonished that for less than $10 I could get an extended 2-year [protection plan]. It is reassuring to know that it is there — for two years! What a deal!


I just spoke with a very nice service representative named Lisa. She made me feel that my request was important to her and was working on my behalf. Please thank her for me.

Murray R.

I always purchase a warranty [extended service plan] with electronics and have had a positive experience with this warranty [extended service plan] company prior. Looking forward to continued excellent service. 


We are sailors and my wife just barely dipped our camera in the ocean and it was $190 to repair. Then the flash went ... another $190. (Bought a new camera instead of a second repair) A $50 [extended service plan] for 5 years is cheap and worth it. 

M. Spaulding

Always better to have the extra protection than not. When I called to register the [protection plan], the agent was exceptionally friendly and helpful.

Ms B.J. 46

I want to compliment Francisco on what a great job he did on helping me get service on my refrigerator. Please make sure that he is recognized for his efforts.

Mr. Hendrix.

Great plan. Wish I had known about it years ago. 


Always nice to have a little extra insurance on your electronics, especially when you first get the item. This plan was something recommended during the checking out process of buying my camera. Simple online setup. Thanks!

M. Mazzy

Excellent company to deal with. I would not hesitate to do future business with them. 


This low cost protection plan is a great addition to any electronics purchase. It's great to know you have some financial backup in case of emergencies!


I would like to take a few minutes of your time to give you some feedback on one of your employees, Mike P. He stepped in and helped me get my paperwork processed, issued an invoice to replace my refrigerator, and processed a loss of food claim. He had an ”I really care” attitude. I can’t thank him enough for all that he did to help me.

Miriam R.

It is a nice sense of security.

Mike H.

Gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected in case something would happen. Worth the money I invested in the protection plan.

Mike C.

First warranty company that I really like. They have been amazing to work with. You must answer first E Mail to complete the process. I missed it but they resent it 3 weeks later.

Mike B.

Protection to the max. If I'm gonna spend over $400 on a camera, I surely will make sure I have some kind of replacement insurance on the thing.

Micheal A.

You never know what can happen. It is always good to have that peace of mind. Great product, highly suggested.

Michael R.

You made my fiancee very happy this holiday season. 

Michael K.

Was easy enough to buy along with the unit, so ... why not?

Michael J.

This is the best company I've ever worked with. I have purchased 3 tablets — 2 have been broken and they replaced them, no questions asked!"

Michael D.

We just used one on another computer we purchased and they were unable to repair so they refunded the purchase price in full after a year and a half of using it. Without it we would have nothing but a broken, unable-to-repair computer. I strongly suggest everybody get this, you can't go wrong. 

Michael D.

Great service. This place is so simple and stress-free! I absolutely enjoyed my experience here. I definitely recommend AMT Warranty for extended services. 


It is so nice to have this — especially when I have a 5 year old that seems to break the impossible. 

Melinda L.

I don't always buy extra protection plans but in this situation it is well worth it and very affordable. It pays to read all plans and decide for yourself, but I would say this is a very good one.


Everything is great! I like this company. 

Mary F.

Always a pleasure to work with. 

Mary B.

We felt secure in our purchase.

Mary A.

Great product and customer service! I love the security of having a 4 year protection plan on a new PC. My only experience so far has been with a simple return/upgrade. I returned a less expensive box for a newer one. The transition was smooth and professional. They communicated well. Thank you.

Mark C.

I have to say, the lady I talked to was excellent. If all your employees are that great, that's wonderful. 

Marjorie K.

Great price.

Marion H.

Why would you buy an expensive camera and not buy a protection plan? It doesn't matter how careful you are, accidents happen.

Marina S.

Came quickly, I felt good about having the 4 year protection for my purchase. I would recommend this to others.


Service was excellent. 

Marie H.

Great company to deal with!

Marie E.

For the minimal cost, it's well worth paying for this [protection plan].

Marianne R.

The price was far more competitive than those sold at Best Buy and worth taking a little headache out of my life!


The customer service rep was very helpful and courteous. It was a pleasure doing business with the company. 

Margaret S.

Couldn't have been more pleased. Very knowledgeable, a great help. Very pleasant and friendly. Made my experience very rewarding by answering all my questions and assisting me to find exactly what I needed. So thankful for the help. 

Margaret H.

Total satisfaction. Totally worth the price! The coverage is GREAT. Good to know that my 2yr. old can play his drums as much as he wants.

Marcus F.

Great plan, excellent customer service. 

Manuel A.

Excellent plan. I have peace of mind knowing that my sewing machine is protected for two years in the event I need to use it. I know for sure it is worth having.

Lydia F.

I'm very impressed, a great deal! Thanks for a no-hassle experience.

Lucille H.

My issues were promptly and courteously taken care of.

Lori D.

Registration is simple and easy.


Five out of five stars. My excellent feedback says it all. 

Lisa K.

Price was good for the purchase.

Lisa J.

Angelina, the person who assisted me with this “blunder of mine” was absolutely sparkling and wonderful, not to mention extremely helpful. Keep her! A definite asset to your company.

Linda R.

Great protection and price on this [protection plan]. I had to call them and the customer service was great! Thank you!

Linda M.

Can't get much better than a 3 year [protection plan] for that price! I usually go for at least a one-year plan, but this was better for the price.

Leslie G.

Everything was as promised. I will be a returning customer! Two thumbs up!


Great plan! This allows me to use my camera to its fullest potential. There are no limitations now that I have insurance. Plus that plan was at a great price.

Leon R.

If you buy something that is over 500 dollars and breakable you'll thank yourself for having this.


We have used the extended service plan on previous tablets and the customer service is professional, very helpful and friendly. They guide you through the entire process and everything is done correctly. We will gladly use and recommend Warrantech in the future. Thank you. 

Leesa M.

Excellent experience. I received prompt service. 

Leeann B.

I bought this plan because I value my purchase. It’s a good product, a 4 year desktop plan. No company can beat that.


Olivia went above and beyond by not only calling me back, but by being patient and empathetic and solving my issue. I work in customer service as a regional manager and oftentimes receive poor service. So I wanted to take a moment and recognize Olivia for her outstanding service. She has completed her job, and done it very well.

Leah H.

Great value! Can't beat it!

Lauren H.

When it comes to the convenience of working with one vendor, Warrantech gives more protection at a better price on the widest number of products. From consumer electronics, to computers, peripherals, and household appliances, Warrantech covers them all

Lary S., BrandsMart USA

So happy with this purchase! I bought this because I bought a tablet for my little 3 year old brother. As we all know, they aren't the most careful and responsible at that age. I called and told them about the issue I had, I think he dropped it or stepped on it. Screen was black in the corner. If any of u have ever dropped your cell, u know what I mean. Anyway, after spending less than 10 minutes on the phone, I was issued a cashback and a claim number. How much easier could it get? Definitely worth the money! A+++++ company! I definitely recommend them.   


I’m glad I’ve got it! It’s always good to make sure you have a protection plan in case any unplanned accidents happen

Kyle F.

Great plan and worth the money.

Kurtis D.

We have three children and have purchased this protection plan with their electronic devices. Unfortunately for my daughter, her tablet was accidentally dropped and the screen cracked. Fortunately for us, we had purchased this protection plan with her tablet. When I called about the claim, the representative was friendly and helpful. They emailed me an address label to mail in the broken tablet and once they received it I promptly received a check for the amount of the tablet purchase. I was able to purchase her a new tablet, and was sure to include the protection plan again!

Kristy B.

I read the reviews, and I purchased. I felt better having it as other opposing [protection plans] weren't getting good reviews.


Their service was almost immediate, no wait, which is great!

Kim S.

Love this plan! Gives me the stress free mindset when I purchased a tablet for my daughter. 


Had this on the last tablet I bought, which met with an accident. They responded in a timely manner, making a positive resolution. Wouldn't be without this protection!


Glad I purchased. I feel confident my purchase will last a long time and if it breaks I can have it repaired and still use the camera.

Kenneth R.

The price was right.

Kenneth B.

I’m a satisfied customer and I’d like to give a “attaboy” to Michael M (technical service rep). He is very professional and he treated me very well. I’m a senior citizen and I certainly appreciate it. Thank you!

Ken H.

Great company to work with!


Prompt and courteous service. Would highly recommend. 


I feel good about having it. Would recommend it for good all-around protection.


I thought it was important enough to take the time to let you know about a very special employee of yours. Mr. Rodney H. has handled my particular issues over the past couple of days. He has been extremely helpful, professional, pleasant, and knowledgeable. I must say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with him. For sure he is to be commended! Thanks and have a great day!


Protecting your investment is ALWAYS a good idea. If I buy any electronic device in the future I will use this plan/product!!!

Kala B

Purchased this plan for the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition that I purchased for my son as a Christmas gift. Thought it was a smart idea to add a little protection for something that was expensive and for him to enjoy for a long time to come.

J. Vandecar

If you are buying a computer you should have a [protection plan] beyond the 1st year. Good price offered for this. Who would be without it?

Justine M.

Worth the money! Buy the protection plan if you buy the camera!

Justin C.

Worth the price, grandson cracked screen on his tablet and they replaced it with no problem!

Julie V.

Definitely purchase a plan, you’ll be glad you did! Why someone wouldn't purchase a [protection plan] is beyond me. Always get a [protection plan], computers are so disposable now, cover yourself with this plan!

Julie K.

I am comforted by the fact that if anything happens I have a two year coverage plan to fix it.


My sewing machine is protected!

Joyce A.

If you bought a PC and didn't get the [protection plan], do it now. You won't regret it, this I promise you. Can’t do without it.

Joyce A.

I know I made the right choice with the [protection plan] purchase.

Joshua C.

Very positive. 

Joseph W.

I dreaded calling in for the [protection plan] on my tablet. I had gotten a lot of run around from previous companies and I was surprised at how painless this was. There were no 20 questions asked, the rep was kind, friendly and courteous and to say the least I was shocked and very happy at the end of the call. I would not hesitate to use this protection plan on any future products. 

Joni H.

Prompt service. No complaints. 

JoLynette H.

Love the price and the contents of what this [protection plan] covers.


I purchased a refrigerator that stopped working after three years. I could not find my purchase information so I contacted the store where I bought the unit and was given the information to contact Warrantech. My experience with Warrantech was excellent. The customer service representative was friendly, efficient and well-trained. In less than 10 minutes, Warrantech confirmed my coverage, inquired about spoilage (which I did not have) and had me lined up with repair. They came to repair my refrigerator as scheduled and I mentioned that the icemaker wasn’t working properly. That was also covered by Warrantech and a new icemaker was installed. Many question whether to pay for the extended [protection plan]. Clearly, it paid for itself.

John S.

Very helpful when I had questions. Very nice people. Glad I bought it. 

Johnna S.

Excellent service plan. Don’t expect any issues from the very well made headphones. Thinking of getting another pair and another [protection plan].

John N.

I shopped around and found this to be the best-cost/most-reputable option.

John K.

Great value. I purchased this coverage because the price was right. A 4 year extended [protection plan] for the price was a great thing to have.

John H.

Extremely helpful, spent a lot of time helping me find the right plan, and went well out of their way to make sure I got the proper warranty [extended service plan] for my tablet. Thank you again for all your outstanding help. 

John G.

A good idea for protecting the camera and all the gear that came with it. Peace of mind is a good thing!

John D.

Purchased this as a backup to the product warranty. The price line was key.


Excellent, professional, courteous, friendly service.  

Joe M.

Great experience!

Joe M.

Camera incurred water damage that pretty much scrapped it — it would not turn on anymore. Company took it in and repaired it. Did not give us any hassle. What you want in an extended service plan.

Joe G.

Exceptional service!

Joann S.

I am writing to praise Juliana L. She handled my claim with the utmost professionalism. She calls when she says she is going to, stays on top of pressing matters, is thorough and courteous at all times. Juliana embodies the level of service expected from the customer service industry. Interacting with her made the claim process much, much easier. Thank you for hiring a professional dedicated to her job.

Joanna R.

It’s nice to know it’s there.


Great protection plan. Excellent customer support, great price, I really recommend this Protection Plan to anyone, so far so good. So yeah :)


Awesome customer care.

Jim S.

I recently purchased the Ultimate package CustomEdge warranty [extended service plan] on a used truck and had an issue with a leaking output shaft on the transfer case as well as wandering steering. I took it to my dealer and they advised that the truck had a broken engine mount, excessive play in the idler arm, as well as a scored slip yoke, worn u-joint and worn output shaft seal. The Ultimate plan is covering everything, including the alignment after the idler arm is replaced. I am very happy. 

Jimmy A.

A necessary protection plan.

Jiawei Z.

Protection is a MUST with this type of equipment. You never know what can happen.

Jessica S.

I'm just happy that this was offered for my product.

Jessica M.

Nice to have a little insurance on electronics. Contacted Warrantech on another matter, they got right back with me. Thanks. 

Jerry F.

You probably know this already, but I have to tell you anyway. Your customer service team is the best! Liz, Julianna ... it doesn't matter who picks up the phone when I call, because every single time I call in, no matter who I get, I am provided with the greatest customer service. I appreciate them so much!

Jennifer, Factory Direct Appliance

I dropped my iPad and shattered the screen and sent it to company, who fixed and returned it within one week. All free of charge. Excellent customer service.


Company was responsive to my phone call and addressed my concern promptly and professionally. 

Jeffrey P.

Great peace of mind. It's nice to know that my camera is protected for 4 years with this plan. I'm very careful with it, but accidents do happen.

Jeff P.

This is one of the best [protection plans] out there to cover all possible problems that someone will encounter when using the camera.

Jeff M.

The customer service was amazing. 

Jeff C.

A must have. When I purchase an electronics product, I always purchase the [protection plan]. This is a gift for my son and daughter in law.

Jeane E.

I had this same warranty [extended service plan] with my last tablet and they are terrific. I would tell everyone to get this for their tablets. 

J Byrd

A great value for a small price. You will love yourself for having purchased it should your appliance ever fail.

Javier G.

Great to do business with. 

Jason A.

Would not be without it. It is a relief knowing that I am secure if something goes wrong with my camera.

Janet M.

One great plan. I had a problem with the computer I bought and the guy I talked to about it went out of his way to help me get it resolved. I would recommend this plan to everyone.

James S.

I highly recommend this product.

James C.

The price is not bad and I would tell anyone to get longer coverage if they can get it. 

James B.

We don't usually purchase protection plans but it is easy to drop a camera or it can be damaged by the elements—we just wanted the peace of mind that our camera was covered in case something happens.

James B.

I have dealt with many warranty companies but AMT Warranty is the best by far! They always do an excellent job and have the nicest staff! I would definitely recommend them.


I give Warrantech my own Gold Award of Excellence in every single way. Many thanks. 

Jacqueline A.

Great to have. I am glad we bought it.

Jacque G.

Protect your investment, plain and simple, what else do you need or want to know. I fully endorse this type of plan. It is a no brainer.

Ismael O.

Registration was very straightforward; required two pins which were sent to my e-mail. I like to know that I have protection for my purchase since I am pretty good at breaking electronics.

I Buy Stuff

I initially reported never receiving a protection plan via Email. I was wrong. I also had problems registering my plan. I called the given telephone number and spoke to someone quickly, on Sunday. The best part was that my issues were resolved in about 5 minutes. Anyone would rate it at 5 stars in view of the details. Thank You!

H Velez

Our life saver! Definitely worth the money. 

H. Seymour

Very good to deal with. Will buy from you guys again. 


Very great addition for the camera I bought. You never know when you might need to use the [protection plan]!


The three-year car electronics accident protection plan is great. I have one for my first GPS and they did me well when it died. Well worth the buy. 

H. King

Great plan and easy to register. Great way to keep your purchase covered from any mishap and at a very good price.

Herman T.

Excellent customer service. 

Henry P.

They are as good as they say. I had one product broken by accident. Filed a report. They decided to pay the full amount within a reasonable time. Got the check. 

Henry D.

It is good to have a protection plan for a camera this expensive. The protection plan comes with a nice price that anyone can afford. I love my protection plan.

Hemayat O.

Ms. Smith [customer representative] took the initiative to resolve all the issues for me and made sure that my policies were properly registered, etc. When she said she would get back to me — she did. When she said she would follow up — she did. You are indeed fortunate to have a person like her on your team.

Hellen G.

Worth the money for your security, especially with this kind of investment. I look at it this way, if you are spending that kind of money better have it protected.

Harry M.

Unfortunately the first camera had a minor problem, but the warranty [extended service plan] center responded in a great way. They walk you through the easy return process, explain each and everything that they will do, and ensure that you are satisfied along the way. 

Harry C.

Everyone needs an extended [protection plan] on new things — especially things that are used most often in the household. A person can never tell what is going to happen.

Harriett D.

The service was excellent!

Gwendolyn C.

Great plan to sell for protection.

Gregory V.

A pleasure to do business with. 

Granny H.

No hassles. It offers solid, smart protection as it states right on the sign. Knowing you have computer repair covered in the event you need it, heaven forbid, is worth its weight in gold.


The people at the registration center were extremely helpful and courteous when I called. Nice to have.


A+++ service. 

George N.

Easy to register product online. Thanks for a great product.

George G.

Car repairs are very expensive and the newer and more sophisticated cars are even more costly to repair. Thus, there is no better way to protect the investment in our car than purchasing a [vehicle service contract]. For that, Warrantech is the best company I have ever seen for providing full service [contracts] on vehicles.


I can't tell you how satisfied I am with Warrantech! My video camera got damaged while using it and I had to send it in for repairs. Your employees were very helpful, well informed and pleasant at every turn. I liked that I could talk to an actual human. They thought it might take up to a month to get my camera back but it was only a couple of weeks! Buying Warrantech Insurance [an extended service plan] for my camera was the smartest thing I've done in a while! Thank goodness too. It was kind of an afterthought!

Gary W.

I don't buy any electronic devices without adding extra protection. It is well worth it if it saves just one device. Great deal.

Gary P.

Great customer service. I didn't get a chance to use their service since I returned the computer I purchased. I emailed them explaining that I did not need their service. Got an answer right away and a refund really fast. Will buy the product with the next computer I purchase. Keep up the great work. I'll be back.


Best 20 bucks we ever spent. Must have if your tablet is purchased for a child. Had to use it three months after purchase. They issued us a full refund on a damaged tablet. 

Galina Z.

I normally don't buy protection plans, but based on the purchase I felt it was a wise investment.

Galen W.

I just wanted to send you a quick email saying how much I appreciate Warrantech's service, and all their customer service agents. I just got off the phone with Angelina, and she was the best. I love calling Warrantech. You guys are so professional, and the service I get is always A+++! I wish every other service provider, their agents and vendors were as thorough as Angelina and the Warrantech staff. Never, ever, have I complained about my Warrantech service. You guys rock! Keep up the good work. Make sure Angelina gets a gold star for the day. We may not have the most claims, but if and when we do have to call, the service is excellent! We appreciate all you do.


FANTASTIC product. WIll buy when I purchase other furniture. Easy to work with, they were available to contact and responded when I had questions and helped me. Thank you! A++


Great price for coverage and so easy to get. 

Fredrick C.

NMG has enjoyed an almost six year partnership so far with Warrantech as administrator for our NSI Protection Plus program. They offer the financial strength, high service levels, and claims controls we need. Being owned by The Amynta Group, an insurance company, has given us the flexibility of introducing creative new services and packages.

Frank Sandtner, Senior VP of Member Services, Nationwide Marketing Group

Five stars. Customer support is fantastic. 

Frankie G.

I feel less anxious about using the camera with the protection plan in place. Thank you!


I had purchased a plan for a tablet which was not acceptable on delivery. I purchased a new tablet and wanted to switch the plan to the new tablet. They preferred to refund the original price and issued a new plan. It couldn't have been easier. No fuss, no hassle. It was all done in two days. I couldn't be happier. 


Great service and would use them again. 

Evon S.

This was a great buy!

Ernestine B.

Absolutely LOVE this plan - EASY to get the product fixed/replaced. Would highly recommed - price is CHEAP for the peace of mind. My son accidentally sat on the tablet and broke the glass - they replaced it quick and with no hassle. 

Ernest H.

This is the 4th warranty I have purchased on tablets for my grandsons. Two of them had "accidents" with their tablets and the company was prompt, and no hassles  they replaced the two tablets right away. The cost is very low considering what is being warrantied and for how much – the full purchase price of the tablet, no questions asked. I will need them in the future on other electronic purchases. 


Good value. Much cheaper than Best Buy.

Ellen’s loves to shop

Very helpful and fast at responding to my questions. 

Elizabeth M.

I want to thank you for the excellent and efficient service which you provided to me. You exhibited a sincere interest in my situation and addressed it immediately. You handled my situation very nicely and with positive results. Thank you.

Elio P.

It’s great. I Chose to give it 5 stars because of its quick delivery and the elements of the coverage. It’s really great to know my camera is protected.

Elaine E.

Great deal. Most of all, great price.


I don't usually purchase protection plans, but, on a whim, I did for my camera. I dropped it within the first two months and broke the battery door and the bottom corner. I was, to say the least, very upset with myself. I e-mailed the details and they sent me a shipping label and I shipped it off to Photo Tech Repair Services. In a few days I received an e-mail that it had been checked and okayed for repair. Within a week I received my camera back and it works great. The whole experience was very professional. I will continue to purchase their plans for my expensive electronics and would recommend this to anyone who would ask. 

Eddie W.

These protection plans are worth it. They've always worked out well. 

E. Bosch

The price is right.

D.S. Territo

Accidents can happen and this provides me with some assurance.


Very pleased with this company's fast and effective service. They moved out quickly when I needed help fast. Thanks guys. My kids and grandkids now have their business.

Dr. Martin W.

This is one of the best [extended service plans] I have bought to protect the screens on my devices. 

Dr. Judy

I only have good things to say about this company. This is the second time I've done business with this company. I am able to report from my own personal experience that this company is true to their word 100% in everything they say. It may be salient to also point out that the numerous exclusions manifested in the contract purchased only applies to consumers who are not paying attention to the fact that the warranty company justly so, requires assurance that when the consumer has a product repaired or needs the claim of full reimbursement of the purchase price that is submitted that the consumer acted responsibly during the time that the product was under their care, custody and control.

DR. Howard S Brand

The pricing is always reasonable. The service is great and so is the communication. Don't buy expensive items like monitors or PCs without the [protection plan]. When it dies after the manufacturer warranty expires you'll wish you had.

Doug P.

Received a check for accidental [damage] as promised. Barely a month out ... pup dropped the tablet on the charge port, busting it ... they sent and honored as promised. Will use again, anytime!

Dorothy T.

The plan was easy to register. I deleted my original receipt of purchase; The customer service agent was quick to respond and very helpful.

Donnella Q.

Great protection.

Donna D.

I bought it for peace of mind and because it was reasonably priced.

Donald O.

I had to use this extended service plan on a previous tablet I bought, all went smooth. After it broke I made a claim, got a prepaid label, mailed the broken one in, and they sent me a check in the mail to cover what I paid for it. I've bought it again for another tablet I bought my daughter. Hopefully this one won't break, but you never know with kids. 

D. Marchand

These people are super! They are knowledgeable, patient and nothing is too much to ask of them. I'll buy from this company any day!

D. Lizzy

Good buy for the money and not overpriced.

Diane V.

My grandson is sixteen but has a much younger brother. Thought that the plan would be an excellent idea. We always purchased plans for any electronics we gave our son and it proved to be VERY beneficial.

Diane L.

Armando was the best agent I’ve ever spoken with here. I am very happy to be one of your customers!


Very happy with this protection plan. I would definitely recommend.

Diana H.

I bought this with the first tablet I bought my son. Had company over and a kid dropped his tablet and shattered the screen. In 2 weeks my son had a new tablet in his hands. Very good service!

Diana G.

Its affordable and works for me. Should take a look at this when you buy a new computer.


Peace of mind comes cheap. Outstanding bargain. 

Delancie H.

I needed to use the warranty [extended service plan] on a cracked tablet last month. The company was VERY professional and accommodating. WELL WORTH the $20 as the tablet is about $145. Great company. 


Great price for a 13 month protection plan. 

Debra N.

I always buy the protection, rather be safe than sorry.

Debra D.

Smart purchase. I have purchased extended [protection plans] from this company before for other products and have been happy with the service I received when I needed it. In the past I was hesitant to purchase extended [protection plans] on products, but when it's an item such as an expensive camera (or TV) I recommend this. Had this same protection plan on a TV and just before the [protection plan] expired, I had problems with the TV and when it could not be fixed they completely replaced the TV. Now that's service. I have complete confidence that they will stand behind the [protection plan] should I need assistance with my new camera. I highly recommend.

Deborah S.

The price is good.


Very reasonable price.

D. Dunlap

Very happy customer.

David W.

A big selling point for us was Warrantech’s high-tech proprietary on-line customer support system. By offering real-time solutions for all customer-related issues, no other warranty company in the industry can compete. That’s why top retailers choose Warrantech

David M., Pep Boys

Fantastic experience!

David M.

Seems like a good value for the price and coverage term.

David M.

It’s a great deal!


Great [protection plan] at a great price.

David H.

Completely satisfied. It was easy to read and understand and well worth the money.

David C.

Excellent, informative and courteous service. 

David B.

Fantastic customer service. 

Dave C.

Word to the wise, protect your gear with some sort of protection plan.


Total satisfaction! Excellent service! Very pleased! Highly recommended! 

Daniel U.

It's worth your peace of mind by protecting your purchase. Check it out. You'll be glad you did that's for sure!

Daniel J.

A+++++ Great service. 


I hope you don’t mind another congratulatory letter about two more of your employees — Shaleen and Steve S. They were both so friendly and so willing to assist me with my ongoing issue. They quietly listened to my frustrations and understood the annoyance of not having a working TV. Again, your company has excelled in the true meaning of customer service. My two experiences with Warrantech have been nothing short of wonderful, and you should be so proud that your supervisors have hired such professional, considerate, kind, and personable employees to handle people calling with their [protection plan] issues. I can only imagine that their days can be filled with irate customers, and that they must reach out to each and every one of us with a positive attitude. Shaleen and Steve went that extra mile. It will be my pleasure to write a letter to Dennis L. May, President and CEO of hhgregg and tell him of the fine company that represents his [protection plans].

Cynthia I.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Adonnicka E. She answered the phone so pleasantly, and from that moment on, she was nothing short of wonderful to me for about 45 minutes. She went out of her way to see if she could help me with my situation, and the two times that she reached a point where she needed to check with her supervisor, she came back to me both times with good news for me. So, she went that “extra mile” to see if my issue could have a positive outcome for me – as did her supervisor. She even gave me her email address so that I could send her a photo of my invoice. She stayed on the line with me and made sure that the photo could be seen clearly. From “hello” to “have a nice rest of your day,” she was kind, friendly, concerned and stayed with me for almost one hour — never once giving me the feeling that she was on a time limit and needed to move-on to the next customer. I consider myself so fortunate to have been one of the lucky customers to have her help. She is the example of what customer service is to those of us who hope to get the help we need. Whoever hired Adonnicka made a wonderful choice — the right person was placed in the right position, and I thank that person, too!

Cynthia I.

I just feel better knowing I have coverage.

C. Taber

Wonderful service people. Will use again!

Craig M.

Our customers have been protected by Warrantech for over 20 years. As our product line expands, so does their coverage. From electronics and furniture to appliances and watches, they keep up with us on all markets. Warrantech’s dedication to quick service and customer satisfaction is in sync with BrandsMart’s concerns and policies, which keeps our customers returning year after year.

Cosmo Adamo, Vice President of Service, BrandsMart

Excellent follow through. Thank you for your incredible customer service. 

Clint R.

Excellent warranty [extended service plan] and customer service. 


The peace of mind I have because I purchased this coverage is worth the price I paid for it. Bad things can happen while using your expensive camera which can result in costly repairs or replacement.

Clarence T.

All I can say is it is the best protection for the price.

Clarence D.

You can never go wrong with an extended [protection plan]! An all-around great idea for anyone purchasing an appliance online!


Loved the price. It gives me a sense of protection.

Chuck G.

I have used these plans for laptops, and they come in handy. I've had a couple laptops replaced because of accidents that standard [protection plans] don't cover. Good protection plan for an expensive product.

Christopher T.

I just got a check in the mail to cover the cost of my tablet that broke. It is an easy company to work with and I will recommend anyone buying a touch screen device to get this protection plan. 

Chris L.

Always good to have a [protection plan]—appreciate that this is offered on purchases.

Chris C.

I'm giving this 5 stars because it was easy to sign up, and a very reasonable price.

Cheryl L.

Very good knowing that I have peace of mind for a few years. It’s well worth the price for the comfort it provides. I recommend it for any computer purchase.

Charles A.

The last computer I bought died after 2 years. I did not have an extended [protection plan] and it has been a nightmare getting it repaired. I highly recommend the [protection plan]. If something does go wrong on the computer, the [protection plan] is much less expensive than repair costs without it.


It is hard to find a long [protection plan] at this price.


I was not sure how to register my camera bundle so I called. The customer service representative was very helpful in guiding me through the process online. He waited on the phone until my registration was complete to ensure my success. This made me feel valued as a customer. 


I am very pleased with their wonderful customer service and will use this product for other purchases in the future. 

C. Bastian

Great from beginning to end. Excellent experience!!!! Thank you!!!!

Cassandra J.

Good warranty [extended service plan]. I am happy with the service I received. 

Cary C.

Good to have when you purchase an "investment" such as a sewing machine. Very reasonably priced. Will renew when the 2 yr. plan expires.

Carol E.

Excellent service, price and product. Thank you. You have made me a customer for life. 


As advertised, A+ service!

Carlton J.

Best plan for anyone buying a high quality product. 

Carlos M.

At The Bike Cooperative, we demand the highest level of customer service for bicycle retailers. Warrantech provides that high level of service day in and day out, acts on our feedback very quickly and is focused on helping our customers. Thank you Warrantech.

Carl Michelakos, Director of Operations, The Bike Cooperative

Peace of mind is everything. I almost always get extra protection for my electronics. Keeps the nerves at ease and happy.

car junky

PLEASE keep up the excellent work! It is most refreshing that you talk the talk and deliver!

Cameron P.

Awesome experience from start to finish. 

Caitrin E.

It is a great way to protect a valuable item against the unfortunate event of an unforeseen accident or mishap.


It is reassuring to know that if any problems occur with my purchase, it will be covered for 3 years. I think that reassurance in itself is worth the price.

Bruce B.

Protection … We all need it on our equipment, some things more than others. It was for a camera worth over 500 bucks. It is worth it.

Brian S.

Excellent price for coverage. 

Brian G.

Money worth spending. Great protection plan for the price. I looked into the same protection plan with Dell and it would have cost me an extra $150.

Brian E.

Hi Shonta. Last Friday, I received a call from Joe at Northern Tool & Equipment. He thinks you are doing a fantastic job. Your timeliness and speed of response are appreciated by him. And I appreciate it as well. I wanted to say thank you for a job well done. Keep it up!

Breyonne M.

Good to know it is there.

Bobbi L.

I try to always take out extra protection on my electronics because you never know what is going to happen. I have had power surges from the electric company melt my electronics before and other mishaps. So it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Bobbie B.

The registration was super simple.

Blaine M.

Good price for the peace of mind it gives.


This is my third contract and they have been wonderful. Two broken cameras with prior contracts and two full refunds. 


Great investment. You never know if you have an accident or if there was a factory flaw. Best to keep your investment covered!

BJ Blues

WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! Your new ice machine will malfunction, could be in a month or a year and one half, BUT IT WILL BREAK!!

Bill H.

Excellent customer service. 

Betsey C.

The product is what I ordered and expected, and was not disappointed. Would recommend to my friend without hesitation.

Bernard I.

This protection plan appears well worth the cost.

Benjamin B.

I bought this because it was a very good deal for the coverage. Have not had a claim. Good response on Internet.

Barbara R.

A little extended coverage is always good on electronic items.

Barbara L

Excellent response time to a question I submitted. Easiest registration ever. Thank you. 

Barbara B.

The customer service representative was wonderfully helpful. 

Barbara B.

Wonderful to do business with you!


I just purchased a 4-Year Desktop Plan to go with a new computer, and I think it was a wise choice. This way I feel like my system has some protection in the event of any problems.


I love that I can have a great protection plan to protect my new camera. Thank you for providing this coverage for my product.

Astrid R.

Great plan for my guitar I bought. :) Really cheap price, also. Love the [protection plan] — never go wrong with one.

Arturo P.

Very courteous, efficient and sent me shipping labels to send my lens to Photo Tech in NYC. Despite being shipped during Thanksgiving holiday, the lens came back in about two weeks repaired and working fine. No out of pocket expenses or shipping were charged. Terrific ... worth it ... will purchase again in the future for other products.  

Art M.

Very good plan. Happy with all of the terms of the plan and with the value provided based on the cost. Thank you.

Arnie W.

It is wonderful peace of mind for a very reasonable price.

April D.

Purchased this along with a desktop computer and it is wonderful peace of mind for a very reasonable price.

April B.

You can never have enough protection on electronics. This [protection plan] is a good deal.

A. Pierce

I am not a fan of these types of products due to previous experiences. So I was hemming and hawing about the offer of the protection plan. I decided to go with it as I know I am a klutz with techy stuff. So sure enough, I had the tablet less than a week and I dropped it. Cracked the shell and the glass. So I called the protection plan got a live person. She gave me simple instructions and had the tablet fixed in less than a week — good as new. So glad I purchased this!

Antoinette K.

Warrantech is a really nice company. They provide the best services to everyone. I had purchased a [vehicle service plan] for my car from Warrantech and after 6 months my car got damaged. They provided me with the full amount of services for my car. So in my view, Warrantech is the best company for vehicle [service contracts].


Would recommend for all tablets. Great buy!

Ansley S.

When you think of the money you spend on insurance, this is a bargain. Well worth the money in today's electronic age.

Ann W.

Received this plan and then a few days later had to return the camera it was for. Filed a request to return the protection plan and it was no problem. They gave me a refund right away and cancelled the plan. I will use them in the future. Good customer service.

Annie G.

Wouldn't have any other insurance [extended service] plan for my items ... will probably always buy from this company. Excellent service!

Anne C.

I am so glad I got this plan. I use my blender to make three smoothies every single day and sometimes more. I can relax and not worry that the motor will break down because I have it covered!


I feel at ease now knowing that I saved hundreds of $$ and have 4 years of protection vs. the 1-2 years I might have gotten if I had bought elsewhere.

Andrew H.

The customer service I received was outstanding. 

Andrew G.

We had to return a tablet as it was defective. Received a refund with very little effort. 

Andrew G.

For an extended [protection plans], you cannot beat the price. I would tell everyone to buy it just because of the price.

Andrew C.

Thanks very much for your prompt and thorough help. Warrantech’s good reputation remains intact as far as we are concerned.

Andrew B.

Really good service. 

Andrea M.

Thank you, Warrantech! You handled my claim quickly and professionally. They took the time to explain the details, made my claim a priority and then followed through! They even called back to make sure everything was OK. Not something I expected. I will forever be a Warrantech customer! Thanks again. 

Amy R.

Customer service was excellent!

Amy G.

I actually had to use the protection plan. Good communication from Warrantech. Good product. Completely satisfied customer here. Buy with confidence.

Amazon Customer

Very fast registration.

Alvaro D.

My camera broke and it also got lost in the mail and the company was super easy to work with. They got me my money back with just a few e-mail exchanges!

Ali M.

The protection plan covers any spills and drops to a tablet or e-reader you purchase at a low price. And customer service is very good and makes processing claims easy. 

A.L. G.

It’s just a protection program. An extra [protection plan] just in case something happens to it, which is good considering technology these days.


Very good customer service. 

Alfonso V.

Worth it if you're making a $600+ purchase!


GREAT PLAN. Great price. Worth the buy.

Agron B.

I got the warranty [extended service plan] before I got the computer. Completely satisfied. 


Thanks! Awesome service. 


I believe it is good to have this protection, had a slight problem registering it, but called the 800 number and the young lady completed it for me. Excellent purchase for the money.

Ada J.

Unfortunately, I had to use my protection plan much sooner than anticipated. Fortunately the service and coverage provided was outstanding. Great customer service. I received my refund check in a timely manner and was able to repurchase a replacement tablet soon after. Repurchased this coverage, as it was a true lifesaver.  


Had within an hour of ordering the product. Definitely worth the money!


This company is wonderful! They were so helpful with a past claim. Customer service personnel on the phone and via email were polite and helpful. I am happy to do business with them again!


Easy purchase, and responsive team in regard to questions.


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